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4 Patera part 1

A 'patera' is the technical term for a circular (mainly, but sometimes square), radiating design. There are 2 here, one in each corner acting as a focal point to the design. In this lesson I carve the main shape of the patera and form its centre 'boss' or 'button'.


| 03 February 2015 17:35

Chris, thanks for the practical example explaining how to approach understanding the issue. I hadn't thought it through like this.

| 18 January 2015 09:34

Dermot - I think you are referring to 3 Simple Leaves #1 ( Thanks for raising this question: It is indeed difficult to visualise but very important as a carver to get a grip of. The best thing is to get yourself a piece of wood, draw pencil lines to make the grain direction clear, and run some diagonal cuts across the fibres with your V tool (or deep gouge). You'll see the difference on either side of the cut. One side is like sharpening a pencil the normal way; the other is as if yu are trying to sharpen the pencil 'backwards'. Explore running cuts in different directions; try and understand what is happening and why. In the beginning it can be quite confusing but after you've been carving a while this sense of the grain and how you need to cut it cleanly will develop. Have fun!

| 16 January 2015 00:27

Chris, Great project. 3.20 minutes in you mention not to use a V tool because one edge is with the grain and the other against. I remember you discussing the grain in another video but I find it difficult to visualise why ones against and the other with the grain when your pushing the tool forward. Can you explain a little further?

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