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3 Swapping Hands

Being able to swap hands, so the carving tool approaches from the opposite direction, leads to an efficient way of working.

So it's worth practising...



| 04 October 2018 09:07

Thanks Chris very much appreciated.

| 04 October 2018 08:35

James - I've been trying to imagine how I'd grip my carving tools without the digits you are missing and I think what it means is that this hand (your right) must be the 'power hand', working the handles:

So, in the 'low angle grip' it would be the one that pushes the tool, leaving your left hand to brake the tool. Guiding the tool is mainly with your whole body, keeping your elbows in. You may need to invent some sort of pad in your palm to get a safe hold on the handle, but you'll no doubt have experience of that sort of thing. I think your swapping hands in the L/A grip for you will be more more trouble than it's worth so you'll want to turn your wood around easily.

In the 'high angle grip, your right hand will be on the handle again. No doubt you've developed a dextrous left hand so that's the one on the wood down at the blade. I'm right-handed but I've taught many lefties who simply mirror what I'm demonstrating. In this grip, your right hand - and this is crucial - needs to be able to turn the handle as the edge cuts, rather than just push it as above in the L/A grip. So, again, you do need to be able to grip it enough and if that's an issue, something like a non-slip like a bicycle glove might help? The H/A grip is one for which you needn't change hands.

I hope this helps! Feel free to write to me through the contact page. I'd love to know how you get on.

| 04 October 2018 08:08

Hi Chris I'm just starting out in carving I've been a site carpenter for over 17 years and found out no one knows everything which is the greatest thing about working in this trade.
I always loved art and learning new skills so the craft of carving will be a great new skill set to learn.
My question in this post is for the grip I was born missing 4 digits on my right hand my thumb is all that I have so adapting has always been a way of life is there any suggestions or advice you could grant?

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