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5 Set the Side Bevels

Step 4: Set Side Bevels (chisels)


| 22 December 2020 23:30

John - There you go! You'll find it quickly gets easier as you gain confidence and experience. And the V tool is notoriously the most difficult to get right. Well done!

| 21 December 2020 22:13

Chris, Thanks for being so patient with me. I'm sure
you have heard the same problems over and over through the
years.Must get boring for you. Anyway I'm so excited . I finally got it!!!! I can cut
with the grain and cross grain nicely!!!! Thank you so much !!!
It took me 2 days of struggling, (and about 1/2" of chisel)....Turns out that I had to adjust keel
angle. I will , however stick with the hand sharpening as opposed to the wheel.
The roundness of the wheel throws me off. I like the "FEEL" of the hand sharpening better.
I think it puts me more in touch with what I am trying to do.
Way too easy for me to mis-shape any chisel on the grinding wheel. Everything
happens pretty fast. I may try it again in the future but definitely not now. Thanks again for
your patience and instruction!!!!!!! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

| 21 December 2020 16:49

John - See the tools as being 2 chisels, joined at the apex, and treat each chisel as if it were a stand-alone chisel. You offer this chisel to the wheel at right angles (as you see me). The surface plane of the wheel is standing in for a piece of wood when you check the cutting angle - so you are offering the tool to the wheel at the cutting angle.
The grinder is a way of speeding up the work but you have to allow a little for it being round. If it's still confusing, do all the work on the coarse benchstone, where the cutting angle is more easily appreciated.

If your V tool is tearing the wood, look to the edge itself and you will no doubt see little specks or lines of light where the edge is dull. Touch these up specifically with your slip or benchstone.

| 21 December 2020 16:11

I now find that the chisel cuts when I go "with the grain",
but the wood tears when I try to cut "across" the grain.

| 21 December 2020 10:10

Hard to tell from the video. My question is.....
When you initially set the side bevel, it looks as if the
tool is on a slight angle to the wheel.(I mean up and down angle, not side to side)
I see that you have your fingers on the tool rest, and the handle of the tool is raised a bit.
I am not sure just how to approach the wheel? What should this angle be?
I don't want to set a wrong bevel. Thank you kindly.

| 23 February 2018 00:09

Most helpful. Thank you

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