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6 Chair Rail Moulding

We've been here before on Woodcarving Workshops: the waterleaf moulding. The 'waterleaf' is a classic, stylised leaf form; so much so that you can even say the patera we've carved so far are a waterleaf of sorts: the leaves just wrap around a circle or oval instead of extending in a straight line...

When you get parts to carve like this, look really carefully at how the carvings orientate. So here, for example, top and bottom rail parts look the same, pre-mortised for the splats, but the top rail moulding points down and the bottom rail moulding points up. Mark what's happening carefully before you begin to draw out the pattern. Here, too, one rail is a little longer than the other, so you can't mark them out the same.

(In this lesson the bill of a baseball cap that I'm wearing comes into frame occasionally. Apologies for this. We have some very bright studio lights and sometimes I need a little shade!)

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| 19 November 2016 19:38

Chris, your explanation and teaching are excellent. The little inset image of the finished top rail was brilliant. I very much enjoy your training videos and every day I put into practice something I've learned. Thank you!

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