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2 Circular Patera - 2

So, we've made our measurements, simplified the design, cut out our pieces, paper-sandwiched them to backing boards and have strips of these patera on the bench ready to start carving.

In this lesson we create the patera's centre 'boss' and the underlying shape - effectively bosting it in ready for the leaves. Take care not to lever the boss and pop it out.

Bench height: This sort of repeat work involves the same cut each time, keeping your body in a fixed position for longish periods. To prevent backache, your bench must be at a comfortable working height. 

Carving benches are normally higher than joinery benches anyway but, for this sort of work, the old 'rule' is probably what you need: Stand upright with your forearm horizontal. Your bench surface should be 2 or 3 finger widths below your elbow. 

In the video, you'll see my bench is a lower than this, but only so Carrie could get the most instructive shots of me carving. Even for these short periods of time, I could feel the strain on my back! As soon as Carrie stopped filming, I blocked up the bench legs to a much more comfortable working height to finished the other patera.

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