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9 Tulip Splat - 3

In this lesson we turn to modelling the tulips, which will also need to be sanded. It's not unusual for carved furniture parts to be sanded smooth, especially on the larger uncarved surfaces, to match the general look.

There will be a lesson on 'scratch stocks' in the near future, which I mention here as having been used to create the reeding down the centre of the splat. 

You can see the final chairs made by Guy Butcher ( and, again, many thanks to Guy for letting us see how the carving work is done.


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| 26 December 2016 10:34

Laurent - The chairmaker used Cuban Mahogany, hard to come by now, which seems to be the original wood.
South American Mahoganies, which are similar, tend to be much cleaner and straighter grained than their African counterparts- make sure you get them from dealers working from sustainable forests.

| 26 December 2016 09:36

Hi chris! What kind of wood is this? It looks amazing

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