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2 Bosting

We starting on the 'big picture': bosting, which means finding the overall shape and sense of bramble reaching over from the back. If we get this right, everything else follows...

Subscriber download: Bramble Cottage Working Drawings (PDF)


| 23 May 2016 12:41

Caerlynn - I use the same gouges across the types of wood I normally use (Lime to Oak). If the wood was much harder I'd increase the amount of inside bevel, thus keeping my low cutting angle as I bolster the strength of the edge.

| 21 May 2016 20:09

Hi Chris,
I would like to know if you use other sets of chisels when you're working hard wood?


| 15 June 2013 02:45

Joe - That's a very good question and I do appreciate the point. The best thing I can think of is to play the video full screen, pause it where you want and print a 'screen shot'. Here's a website that tells you how to do this for most computers:

| 12 June 2013 17:51

Chris - would it be possible to "print" a picture from the video? I do not have a drawing, photograph or otherwise still shot of you working. So when I leave the computer and go to the shop, I can't remember what it looked like! Maybe it's a right brain thing but a snap shot would really help.
joe clark

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