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11 Lettering

Here I discuss the use of computer fonts, such as I use here - 'Papyrus', straight off the computer but re-spaced after printing - for incised lettering and carve the letter 'G' as a representative.

I can only give you an overview and taster of lettering here. I've chosen the 'G' because it has curves, which are the scourge of newcomers, a straight element and a serif. For more about carving letters in wood, see my book: Lettercarving in Wood (GMC Publications) - a detailed course and my DVD: Letter Carving - Rob Cosman, Master Craftsmen Series, which appears in full on this website, here.


| 10 January 2013 17:09

Paul - As you say, at 7:58 I notice the root of the letter, down the bottom where the 2 sides meet, wasn't cut cleanly. This sort of observation happens when you change the lighting, say by turning the wood. I went back and cleaned it up. All my lettering work is left 'straight from the chisel'. There really is no need to sand. The nice finish you so kindly mention is just the result of sharp chisels/gouges used properly, with a slicing cut.

| 10 January 2013 00:35

Chris, at the end you say.."I see a bit of a defect here...I need to touch that up". Are the letters sanded? I'm not sure how you put the nice finish on the letters that appear in the next installment..."finishing"?

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