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10 Details part 2

Carving the details on the berries and flower completes the carving.

The important thing to appreciate is the order through which the carving progressed: Big to little; unfocussed to focussed, with the (surface) details coming right at the end. If ever you find yourself carving away details, you'll know you put them in too early!


| 11 January 2017 08:42

Karen - The skew I'm using here is about 3/16in, 4-5mm.
It's really just the tip I'm using so the one I recommend as the most generally useful skew, 3/8in. 10mm, would do this job too.

| 10 January 2017 21:14

Chris I may have missed it but what size is the skew chisel you are using on the flower?

| 25 January 2012 18:46

I've uploaded a new video and all seems to work fine now as far as I can see. Yes? And thanks for all your patience and kind comments!

| 21 January 2012 19:44

"stable & reliable as our carving tools"??? You haven't met my V-tool from Hell by "Henry (hank) Taylor". It has every defect on the list including poor tempering (I am tempted to mail it to you as a teaching aid)... DEAR CHRIS & CARRIE; If this were never solved it would have zero impact on the effectiveness of your concept simply because you do listen to us and get them up and running in a most timely manner -- that is good enough for the us and as much as we could ever ask (or expect) considering that this is an entirely new (untried) concept which we might never share in if it were not for the passion of your blood, sweat, and tears... Like I said before - STAY SANE - we all want you to get it right, not "get it fast". Fast is for the production line...

| 21 January 2012 18:55

I share this frustration, I really do. This is not really what the comment box under this video is for but let me explain as best I can: Carrie and I make a video and upload it to the website. After it's uploaded, it is 'encoded' in 4 different ways and then appears. The encoding is part of a system whereby the website streams data according to how you are viewing - I'm not sure whether it can tell what computer/iPad/mobile or if it's actually a matter of assessing your broadband, but the point is it's supposed to give you the best viewing, that's why we paid for it when we had the site built. And in the main it works well. When it doesn't I am told it's to do with a drop in your broadband connection, which apparently varies enormously and is out of the website's control, rather than what the site is up to. Many times viewers say there's a streaming problem only to write later and say it's sorted itself out. It works fine for some, not for others. Sometimes a new video, as here, just doesn't play. Why? No idea. I try uploading a new copy - that's helped in the past - or I ask my web people to try re-encoding, as now. (But they are very busy and it was Friday...) We find it frustrating because at the end of the day we are woodcarvers trying to offer you something but find ourselves so dependent on this new technology, which we hardly understand. We hoped the computer/website/broadband technology mix would be as stable and reliable as our carving tools! It just isn't - yet. I promise you we are trying our best. Thanks everybody for your patience. It really helps my own!

| 21 January 2012 14:03

On a more positive note... Where I could not previously get out of the gates, and now having run video's #five, nine and ten "at least" 5 times on two computers, it runs without a hitch. Video #9 "streamed-out" once so far and a refresh of the page got your magic fingers flying again. My only worry now is that I might "wear them out" hahahahaha... On the humorous side and selfishly exclaiming that "the entire world is all about me-me-me", my biggest concern are the possible delays on our next video!!! I am sure I speak for everyone when I say - STAY SANE - WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE WITHOUT YOU TWO!!! GET IT...

| 21 January 2012 03:40

This streaming problem seems to happen randomly to only a few of the video segments in the series. Is there something that can be done? I too have experienced this problems on several computers so I am not sure whether or not its computer related or software related. Whatever the case I wish it could be resolved. Keep me posted.

Jesse Chavez

| 20 January 2012 16:54

"Stream not found: 1818-mobile.mp4" what I get when I try to view most of these lessons....

I've written before about this.... and you mentioned it was probably my computer's fault... Now, I've a new computer and it still does it..... It appears you are getting "web guys" working on it..... I hope they are successful as I hate to miss ANY of your lessons. Like the guy said said in another comment section; I can't get enough of watching you carve. Nothing like a little whiz-bang in your day!

| 20 January 2012 09:16

There seems to be a problem with this video. The web guys have promised to have it sorted asap. Sorry!

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