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6 Second Pass - part 2

At this point the head is beginning to take shape, with the eyes, 'nose' and beak. Another good trick to look out for here: using a template to match the eyes.

I changed the way I was holding the piece to an adjustable carving device. I say more about these ver useful pieces of equipment here.

One type that I like and which is more readily available than the one I normally show on this website is called a 'Jerry-Rig'. I have no vested interest in them and an online search will fetch up distributors. Here's a link to the manufacturer's website:

Apparent to me was how dominant the figuring was. I usually carve in bland woods to show the lights and shadows of the forms, rather than having them in competition with the grain. Figured wood makes for very interesting sculpture when shapes are simple and later on you'll see it made me change my mind about the back and tail. 

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