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4 First Pass - part 2

Continuing with the big picture.

In this workshop I use a rasp to consolidate the wood surface. This allows my eye to really appreciate the underlying forms, which are quite sculptural and lie beneath the choppy gouge cuts. Rasping, unlike sanding, is very clean: no embedded grit to damage the cutting edge when you go back to your gouges.

There's also a good trick here with flexible electrician's tape... 

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| 24 March 2018 07:23

Eric - Obviously, then, I'm not a purist!

| 23 March 2018 23:31

Good to see that I don't get demerits for using a rasp (grin). Always wondered if a "purist" would abstain from using a rasp. A rasp feels like the perfect tool for sculptures, 3D carvings.

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