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Seeing Clearly

In this video, I'm introducing some visual aids to carving, simple items I have around the workshop to help me see more clearly. Seeing close up has become a bit of an issue as I've got olde and find myself struggling to see either small details in a carving or the white line on the edge of a tool that I'm sharpening.

So, here are a few ideas that might help if you find yourself in a similar situation.

The magnifying headset that I use is made by ToolZone. I am recommending it as a type rather than a product - though I like it well. If you do an online search for 'magnifying headset', you'll find many similar products from which to choose. Similarly, search online for 'magnifying lenses for spectacles'. 


| 20 December 2017 16:22

Great, I'd rather put my money into a few cheaper lamps to be honest. I've only just started to go over to LED as they are cheaper to run and dont get too hot so Ill see how it goes?! Thanks Chris !

| 20 December 2017 15:36

Steven - I just use standard bulbs. I actually don't want it TOO bright! And it's not the colour of the wood that matters to me in my sort of carving, more the light and shadows. The cheaper options have always worked well for me, but perhaps if one is more used to LED lighting, that might feel the better option?

| 20 December 2017 10:32

Hi Chris. Regarding the light, what are your thoughts about the bulb? Ive seen a few fancy LED lights that have colour offsets/tint settings at around £90. Do you think they are worth the money or should I just buy some cheaper standard LED lights at around £20? Do you use LED bulbs or just standard 60W bulbs? Thanks

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