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The Process of Woodcarving

The 'Process' of woodcarving. What does that mean? 

Essentially there's a path. You start at one end with an idea. You arrive at the other end with a finished woodcarving.

This is a journey we take again and again on Woodcarving Workshops: "Here's a so-and-so" I say in the first video of a project and "Here's the finished carving" in the last. And in between I take you step by step along the path.

In this video, which is unusually nothing short of a lecture in front of a white board, I try to tease out that path, the process, the 'way it all works', that runs through all woodcarvings.

Why is this important? Because I'm always carving something new, something I've never carved before. And what really gives me confidence is a deep understanding of that process, no matter what the subject: where you start and the steps you take to make sure your journey is successful.

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| 30 May 2022 16:35

Really enjoyed this video and you hit most of the important parts. Nice way to visualize the process. Thanks, Chris!

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