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3 Tricks of the Trade

You'll find a few odd things near or on my bench that afford me great benefit. They don't look much and cost very little, mostly nothing, but many's the time I've rejoiced at having them to hand.

What are they? You'll have to watch and see...


| 28 December 2014 21:16

Chris, you teach what works for you, as an experienced carver, you don't miss anything out.
You assume your students know nothing. I like this very MUCH, thanks.

| 30 July 2014 18:47

Howdy Mr. Chris, Now, not that any of this would ACTUALLY happen, but...... suppose one found the idea of bed spring clamps a really good idea. Suppose a person then kept a lookout for an old box spring and just suppose one of the neighbors down the block throws one out. Then suppose a person drags the box spring up the alley, props it up against his garage and proceeds to grind out a bunch of the large springs. Of course, this person keeps track of the sparks and all and nothing untoward appears on the inside of the box spring. Perhaps, then the person takes his new clamps inside the garage to shape the ends of the spring clamps. Meanwhile the top of the box spring jumps into action and starts to smoke, maybe. And then, perhaps, the old nosy neighbor across the alley sees a smoking box spring on end next to the garage and calls the fire department. Who show up to see the guy running around his back yard with a beer pitcher full of water trying to soak a burning box spring. Sigh.... (not that this would happen, of course...............)

| 29 November 2013 09:47

Ann - Myself, I don't use gloves other than to keep the work clean but I have known other carvers using black bike gloves, with gel padding even - and finding the colour comes off onto light-coloured woods. That's my only caution, and perhaps they just needed excess dye washed out of them before use. In which case I omagine they'd be great.

| 28 November 2013 11:57

I wondered if you used gloves. I learned from your tip on them in particular the advantage of white and keeping them clean. I've always used bike gloves because they are tip-less and help my grip.

| 20 November 2013 14:36

thanks for the great tips and I also was intrigued by your double clamping system.

| 18 November 2013 08:57

Ann - I've attached the horse's head to what is effectively an 'L' shaped wooden block with a Veritas carvers screw. The block is attached to an adjustable carving stand, so it can me moved and rotated. Nothing special really. I worked out the shape and tightness of the block I needed to let me get close in to this and other small carvings. I'll feature it sometime in a future lesson.

| 17 November 2013 13:09

Chris, I love the tips, especially the bed spring. What I was wonderfully "distracted by is your double system for clamping your work that was in this video. Could you talk about it a bit? Thanks!

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