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Point of View

Someone will look at your carving. But, from where?

Point of view is a vital consideration to keep in mind right from the design stage, especially in relief carving...


| 30 December 2014 16:42

Dermot - If you have a carving a relief flat on the bench, then all you really need to do is lift it up now and then and look at it from where you imagine it eventually hanging. If you can carve the piece, or at least finish it off vertically, as if it's on the wall, then you needn't keep taking it off the bench - it's one of the reasons I have a tilting bench top. At the design stage, you can think about where you imagine from where you imagine the piece to be seen, which will mostly be around eye level. it's not normally a big deal but just something to bear in mind.

| 28 December 2014 20:58

Chris. I hadn't thought about this before. Now I'm wondering how I'd take this into consideration practically, without having to continually place the carving in it's intended location. I suppose this is where perspective drawing skills are needed in the planning of the project?

| 28 October 2011 11:43

Chris you forgot one thing! That is what a great job Carrie does with that letter.......
Good job Carrie!!

| 02 October 2011 17:29

We regularly update the website, adding at least 5 new lessons a month. Carrie anounces the new videos and what's in the offing in the website bulletin, which she writes about the 20th of each month and which all members should receive.

| 02 October 2011 10:04

There appears to be new videos but I haven't been made aware of them. How will I know when you have posted something new?


Bernard Darby

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