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10 Turnover part 2

We need to keep the turnover itself 'full', rounded; otherwise it looks a bit mean. I also look to the volute at the other end and start sorting out the leaves.

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| 01 May 2016 14:19

Jeff - Yes, Grinling Gibbons is from another planet! Gibbons took the heavier Baroque and flew with it into somewhere unique and breath-taking. I can't teach you to carve like Gibbons but you'll find some of the elements are shared.
We'll start the Baroque swag series with individual flowers, flowers that are stylised to carve well, then put them together into a swag. The best thing you can do, both in preparation and as you go along, is to collect pictures of the sort of arrangements you like. There are an amazing numbers of these flower (and fruit) swags adorning buildings in our cities - the Victorians loved them.
Spend a lot of time drawing, both individual flowers - try and figure out what makes then carveable - and the swags themselves - how and why do they 'work'?

| 30 April 2016 01:15

Hello Chris, I have fallen in love with the ornamental style carving. I watched the full BBC show on British Woodcarving finally (the one that features you) and Gibbons style nearly had me in tears it is so wonderful. I have tried a few other styles but nothing really grabbed me quite like this. I wait with bated breath for the Baroque-style swag of flowers. You and Carrie are doing wonderful work on the videos. Thank you so much!

| 22 March 2016 17:06

Penny - You'll be pleased to hear that we are just working on a Baroque-style swag of flowers. From individual flowers to composing the whole thing. All of which should keep you very busy! I'm not sure of the publication date as Carrie is is charge of the schedule but you'll hear about it in the bulletin when it's in the offing.

| 21 March 2016 12:03

I love the ornamental videos. I'm a huge fan of Grinling Gibbons work and these have that sort of feel to me. Would it be possible for you to show us how to connect or fasten some of these smaller carvings together to make swags? Just a thought.

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