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2 Romanesque part 1

Here's a bit of history for you:

From about 800CE, after Charlemagne brought a degree of freedom from barbarian raids, a new building style influenced by the architecture of ancient Rome began to develop: weighty with round arches, massive vaulting, heavy piers and columns, and walls with small windows. This style prevailed in Europe from c.900-1200CE and in the 19th century given the term 'Romanesque'.  

The acanthus leaf of this period, seen almost always in stone and usually in rows, also reflects the heaviness. It's a good one to start with: fairly straight forward and with all the main elements of later acanthuses included. In this lesson we draw an example out and bost in the overall shape.

More on the paper sandwich method of holding carvings: here.

Subscriber download: Acanthus - Tools and Drawings


| 25 June 2015 14:02

thanks for that chris ive had ago but I was using the V tool and it didn't work so I shall be investing in some deep gouges. Thanks for the advice.

| 24 June 2015 12:03

Cameron - You can't really use a V tool for the eyes, which are round. If you can, get a narrowish, deep gouge, such as a #9 x 1/8in. Cutting 'eyes' is quite a particular operation and tait's the right tool for the job. The pipes are sort of a soft 'ruck' in the leaf, rather than a form with a hard edge so, again, the V tools is too sharp. A #9 x 1/4in is the way to go. Both these tools are very useful and are part of what I think of as a basic tool kit for a busy carver. You'll use them a lot elsewhere. Glad to hear you are having a go and I hope we get to see your acanthus in the gallery!

| 23 June 2015 19:11

Hi chris I don't have a u shaped gouge yet but wont to have ago hat this carving could I use a v tool to put the eyes in and also the pipes or not? thanls

| 27 August 2012 13:17

Stuart - There's a lesson on this 'paper sandwich' method here: Techniques > Holding your Work x5 > Delicate Carvings.

| 27 August 2012 08:49

hi chris
what sort of glue do you use to stick the wood down.
stuart stubbs

| 22 August 2012 13:55

This is just great...and I am only into the second video!
Thank you Chris, for responding to your subscriber's requests.
Russ L.

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