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9 Turnover part 1

A feature of Baroque and later acanthus leaves is their fluidity, which is never expressed better than in what we call the 'turnover', where the leaf curls back on itself. And this is what we look at here.

In this lesson, I go through the principles of the turnover, how it 'works' and get stuck into carving the big shapes - 'bosting in' the leaf.

Subscriber download: Acanthus Leaves Working Drawings


| 29 June 2018 00:11

Skip - Apologies, I didn't put the turnover scale on the download drawing for the turnover acanthus, but it's the same as the other two, so work to these. I used 1in. (25mm) sock for all three.

| 28 June 2018 18:12

Perhaps I missed it but I can't find a scale for this drawing, nor did I hear you mentioned anything about scale or the overall starting thickness of the stock in either the written material or the narration on the videos. Can you point me to where I can find this info? Thanks.

| 21 March 2016 11:44

Wow, I love it! The chips were flying so fast you were losing me. Good thing I can watch it over and over! The camera shots from different angles at the end really helped to clarify what was going on! Love it!

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