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Sharpening Backbents

A backbent gouge, by virtue of its cranky shape, will get into places other gouges can't reach. When you need one, you need one!

Which backbent gouge do you need? Well, truth is you might never actually need a backbent; it depends on what woodcarving you are doing and how complicated it is. But you should know about backbent gouges, just in case.

In this lesson I'll review those occasions where and when backbents excel. Wait until the gouge you are using won't do the job then consider, what if it were backbent? That's the one to buy.

Odd-looking? Yes. Makes you wonder how to sharpen them? Let me show you...


| 12 February 2017 23:19

This was a very interesting video Chris. Not only to see how the backbent gouge is sharpened but to see the many benefits of its use. I've only seen it in magazines and never knew how to use it or sharpen it, so thanks.

| 27 September 2014 09:14

Thank you Chris, once again you have come to the rescue. I have found use for my backbent gouge at the moment in shaping knife handles, and this video has given me the knowledge to keep the tool sharp.

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