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3 Setting in - 1

The 'wall' that is the depth of a relief carving generates 2 'lines':

1. The edge where the wall meets the surface.This can be rounded over, as in the body of the lion, or left as is - as in the straight edges of the crest, in which case we angle it out a little to catch the light

2. The junction where the side walls meet the background. This is always there of course and we need to pay attention to it, cutting it neatly and cleanly as we set in.

In this video I'm dealing with the first type of line, going for the big picture and working into the smaller stuff. As we set in, we also have to keep an eye on the background plane and make sure it passes uniformly and smoothly between elements of the subject.

I hope you see that what we are doing is the same type of relief carving work we see elsewhere on Woodcarving Workshops. It just happens to be a lion...

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