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7 Lion Head

At last! The lion's head. Still flat in the nature of relief carving, and with some detail bits, such as the eyes. Keep the features simple and bold.

In the video I mention Dockyard Microtools: small delicate carving tools that I have found very useful over the years for intricate, fiddly work. Here's a link to their website:

Dockyard Tools USA

I have no vested interest in them. I know they are available in the UK and elsewhere and you'll need to do a web search for a convenient distributor. They seem to be sold only as assorted sets of tools, in which the gouges are, for me, the most useful. The chisels I resharpened into little flat gouges...

Subscriber download: Heraldic Lion - Working Drawing and Notes


| 21 January 2020 17:08

Beth - I dithered a lot about that! In the end I used a matt acrylic varnish, just to seal and protect the wood, rather than for any effect.

| 20 January 2020 18:44

Interesting project, Chris! Thanks for sharing. Just curious what sort of finish you decided to use?

| 20 January 2020 17:57

Thank you Chris. That is what I tried. I modified a slipstone to fit inside. However it is difficult to see if the bevel is flat and so on... Good to know that I was on the right path!


| 20 January 2020 16:57

Iria - These small tools are sharpened in the same way as the larger: low cutting angle, keeping the corners etc. The problem you might have with this 3mm #9, say, is finding a slipstone narrow enough to work on the inside bevel. You can reshape slipstones to fit of course, or you can leave out the inner bevel and just strop the inside.

| 19 January 2020 00:09

Looks really good, as usual Chris!
As I do not have many tools I tend to buy smaller ones, because you can certainly use a small one un a big area, but you cannot use a big one on the small spaces. It will be really nice to see a video on sharpening the smaller ones, for example the small 3 mm number 9 or similar you used for the hair or the miniature ones! Any especial tips for them?

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