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1 Introduction

Videos 1-8 in this workshop deal with building the clock and the dragonfly itself. You can treat ithe dragonfly as a stand-alone relief carving, say on doors or a bedhead, perhaps paired left and right hand.

The remaining videos (9 - 11) deal with the Arts & Crafts-style numbering, design and carving, and will publish 20th March 2021.

'Arts and Crafts' was a term for a movement popularised by William Morris, John Ruskin and others in the late 19th century. I can't go into the history here but you can find out more:

And if you do a search for 'Arts and Crafts Clock' you'll find lots of images of the types of work being produced. There was a lot of media mixing: ceramic tiles, wood (often Oak) and metal and the results are solid pieces that I really like.

Our clock here is a simple offering with very common elements int he style; using oak, which gets 'ebonised', and milk paints to imitate the tiled look.

I begin with an introduction to the project and the set up, ready for carving.

If you want to make the whole clock as I have it, look to the download and prepare your wood first, including fitting the clock parts from the back.

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Subscriber download: Arts and Crafts Clock - Workings Drawing and Notes


| 27 February 2021 12:42

Gareth - Yes, Sweet Chestnut was once called 'Poor man's Oak'. It looks a bit like Oak from a distance and works like it when close-grained; also was much cheaper and came in wide boards. As always it air-dried, well-seasoned is best.
I've used it a fair bit in the past but never ebonised it so you'll need to experiment. I would be optimistic! I'm sure you can use the milk paints.
Let us know how you get on?

| 25 February 2021 17:51

Hi Chris, I love making clocks and this project looks interesting. I have some Sweet Chestnut and I was wondering if it was suitable and would I be able to ebonise and also milk paint it, the same as the oak?

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