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9 Clock Layout

Here's a golden rule for lettering: Don't start carving until you have first drawn and lain out your letters accurately and correctly. Carving letters is essentially makes permanent your lettering design in wood. Once you carve that wood away, there's no backspace or delete key!


From the daragonfly to the clock itself.

I only wanted four numbers, for the quadrants on my clock; quite large and in the Arts and Craft style. A search for 'arts and crafts font' online came up with lots... The ones I liked best are called Nickley NF, designed by Nick Curtis and and available for free download here at 1001 Fonts and Dyer by Typo-Graf also freely available here at 1001 Fonts.

I still didn't feel I had what I wanted but, taking numbers from both fonts and playing with a 2B pencil, I modified the numerals to what you see here - in particular the number 2; that's very much my own take on the letter. I'll say more in the download (below) and show you what I did.

I think this is another point to get over: As the carver/designer/artist/toolmaker, whatever - as a creative being - you should feel free to change what you find to whatever your own aesthetic, use or need tells you.

And that includes anything you find here on Woodcarving Workshops!


Subscriber download: Arts and Crafts Clock - Workings Drawing and Notes
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