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10 Numbers

There is nothing 'special' about carving these particular numbers. On Woodcarving Workshops I hope to show you that there are basic lettercarving techniques and we apply them to whatever letter forms we have. Isn't that great? It means that once you have these lettering techniques under your belt, the world's your lobster.

If you want to know more about carving letters, there are plenty of videos on Woodcarving Workshops that will help you with the technique. Just rummage around in the Lettercarving section.

Having said all that, these letters are quite straight forward even if you are not interested in Lettering per se. And if you've never carved letters before yet have some carving experience, you could still successfully have a go. Do practise on spare wood first. Remember: no backspace or delete key in woodcarving!

Apologies for the lack of focus around 10:53 - 15:05. A very close up look that didn't quite come off but thought worth including.

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