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8 Finishing Off

In this lesson, I finish off the carving with beeswax (which you can see me make here), remove the carving from the paper sandwich hold-down and clean up the back.


| 04 February 2015 09:28

Dermot - Let me guess: you collected stamps as a lad?! It sounds reasonable but I wouldn't; you would swell up the wood and, yes, might damage the delicate carving. This removing paper is one I confess I've never been totally happy I've resolved. I use (and have always used) the flat sandpaper board, and that works but really only for smaller pieces of carving. I've also had success using solvents as I mention above - but sometimes they don't work! So much depends on the glue, no doubt. How about setting up some experiments - anyone?

| 03 February 2015 18:41

Chris, if I wanted to remove all the paper, would it be okay to place the carving on a shallow kitchen plate of warm water, to soak slightly or could that damage the wood?

| 02 December 2012 00:28

Very well done indeed! I thank you, good sir. I was one of the members that had asked for a linenfold/drapery/ribbon example, and, while my day job has kept me busy enough for long enough hours that I have not been able to "come to class" for the last few months, I came back here to Woodcarving Workshop and found that you had come through again, in flying colors!

I love the interaction you have with your members, and greatly appreciate the efforts you put forth to ensure all questions are answered. While I am here, I would also wish to heap praise upon Carrie for her excellent camera work. The level of detail and clarity the you are able to get into these videos is wonderful. Thank you both, so much!

| 24 November 2012 12:44

Vincent - I'm not sure I'd dare! The hair dryer is always at hand in the workshop and so quick and effective, I think I'll stick to that...

| 20 November 2012 21:11

It is a delight to watch you work Chris [thanks Carrie for excellent filming] and I am inspired to do more carving each timeI watch. Have you tried putting your carving in the kitchen oven [very low,say merengue level] for a few minutes so the surface of the wood heats, and can readily melt the wax, but not for so long that the wood wants to warp?

| 14 November 2012 17:47

Job well done good sir! As usual.... I do like the detail of this project. Each of your lessons provides me with more confidence ...they have really improved my work. thanks.

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