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4 Sorting Out Parts

From the knot, we move to the other elements, outlining the bow and trying to clarify what moves and to where.


| 01 June 2014 14:34

Brad - It's a good point, an idea which I can see would be very helpful, but I'm afraid you are hitting a limit to what we can do: There are so many places where a still photo might help and not just at the end of a stage, the details for example. The best thing to do is to pause the video where you'd like to have a photo and take a (full) screen shot, which you print. You'll find excellent instructions for your computer through Google.

| 31 May 2014 18:34

Hi Chris,
It would be nice if you would provide a printable picture of the carving as it appears at each stage in the lesson that we could take into the shop and have it on the workbench. That would show us the end point of what we are trying to achieve in each step. My computer is in the office upstairs while my shop is in the basement. That's a lot of steps to negotiate to get an answer for every question. The picture at the end of each lesson is there but currently we can't take it with us to the workbench.

Brad Knowles

| 28 November 2012 09:43

Hello Chris and Carrie, you two did great job of making the videos and Carrie did great job also. I completely understand. Thanks for the advise and tip, Mr Pye.

| 20 November 2012 09:11

Michael - It's a good idea but I'm afraid that right now we cannot film the same action from both sides simultaneously - there's only one Carrie! However, where we think the action is not too clear we have been filming and then switching camera positions to film from another angle, shown one after the other. We''ll certainly keep your idea in mind for the future though. As for the grips: don't fix on copying exactly what I do: our hands, fingers, minds are different, so there is a degree of idiosyncrasy here. Just keep carving and don't stray from the original way of holding your gouges that which I describe in the 'Grip Series', and you'll find that you develop your carving style quite naturally.

| 19 November 2012 06:36

Hello Chris, I beleive if you carve both sides. So I could see you haw to handle your grips methods better and cutting strokes. I am deaf and hard of hearing. Maybe two screens? for example, mini screen on the top left corner for top view and large screen for main view of the way you carve this video? Or carve both side? So I could see your carving methods better. Just an idea. Thank you. Great carving project. Happy Hoilday. carve on!

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