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6 Bosting the Bird 2

There's a point in this video where you find I'm not happy with what's happening. I needed to re-think.

Although this was due mainly to my not getting 'into' the carving, because of the whole need and stop-start process of being filmed and talking about it, it can readily happen anyway.

Carving is a strange beast and there are no backspace, replace or delete buttons...


| 20 January 2022 22:53

Graham - Sorry to hear you are rather frustrated. There is, I'm afraid, no way to change what we have here. When we put the video together, we have to turn what might be several hours of work into useful chunks, episodes as you put it. The idea isn't so much a film to watch - although, of course, it is that - but a guide for someone taking on the project. So I distill and pick out the really important points and techniques. Sometimes clips are long, sometimes shortish; all depending on what I hope to convey.

| 20 January 2022 14:47

Your video arrives a series of short episodes varying from about 5 seconds to 30 or more seconds - is there any way that I can change it into a continuous show with no rather frustrating gaps?

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