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1 Introduction

When you see me at the beginning of this video, you are actually seeing me at the end of the project! In other words, when I've finished...

When I actually start a project, I don't always know where I'm going or what I'm going to do. I will often change my plans and never quite know what the result will be.Thus, as you'll see, my ideas started with a wren on a branch, changed to a blue tit and ended up as what I'm calling a sparrow. (Actually 'twitchers' - bird watchers - in the UK call this sort of bird an 'LBJ' - or a 'Little Brown Jobbie' - meaning they can't really say what it is and I think that's very true in this case! Since I didn't think it was a good idea to call the project 'LBJ on a Branch', sparrow it is.)

In pushing the wood to it's limits as we do, this project is quite an advanced carving. We start in this video with the idea and move on to making a model.

Look out for the idea of 'narrative, in a design and how the design fits into the wood for strength.

Working Drawing and Tools:

There is no download for this project. You'll see me take a working drawing from the model and that's what you need to do. Your model and drawings become your guide to get going. The tools I'm using (noted in the videos) are very common, nothing unusual, though small in some cases for the details.

Hope to see some other LBJ's, or even recogniable birds, in the Members Gallery! 

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