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13 Finishing

Painting or otherwise colouring carvings is something I do rarely. It's not my style. But here I made the decision to black the eye of my bird, so emphasising the 'look'. If you choose to do this, you must be very accurate; keep the black to the eyeball and off the surrounding wood.

The base:

I felt the base for this carving should be strong, 'earthy', and I did eventually 'ebonise' the stand, ie. make it black. You can see the result at the very end of the video.

As far as I know, you can only ebonise Oak and Walnut, and of course you want to experiment on spare wood first. The effect leaves the grain visible so it's much better than painting. If you are not using oak then a black stain would no doubt also work do the job - ebonising is really just chemical staining - but I like ebonising because it seems quite alchemical.

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| 22 February 2022 01:16

Yes! I will give it a go and let you know.

| 21 February 2022 12:10

Beth - There's one way to find out, and you know what it is!

| 19 February 2022 15:00

Hi Chris,
Ebonizing the stand was a great idea. I wonder if butternut can also be ebonized to get the same result?
Nice carving project!

| 23 January 2022 00:54

Thank you Chris that was a great project, as a self taught carver watching you gives me so much help to keep trying to get better the detail videos and your commentary is wonderful. Regards Dawn

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