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9 Focussing part 3

With the toes and deepening the recess under the tail, we finish what I'm calling 'focussing'. The surfaces should be cleanly cut, junctions sharp and lines true, all ready for details: tuning the bill and feathers.


| 08 December 2014 15:25

Pete - Yes, it's weak grain and it would be a mistake to undercut too much. The rule is, don't undercut more than you need to. In this case, you just want to create a shadow, so you are not running the plane of the undercut parallel to the web surface, more angled down towards the chamfer. I hope you'll give it a go!

| 05 December 2014 17:32

Am I right in thinking that, due to the grain direction, any severe undercutting of the webs would create some very weak short grain, particularly crumbly in dry Oak?

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