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5 Refining part 1

You can see the important first stages of carving our Pelican - or anything in the round - as a series of 'passes' across the work.

Bosting is the first 'pass' and this gets us the overall shape. Further passes gradually refine what we've done, push the bosting further. It's important to bear in mind that when I use the term 'refining', I'm really talking about refining the bosting. There's no fixed line where 'bosting' ends and 'refining' begins, but thinking and working in terms of a series of ever more refined passes keeps the piece feeling a whole as it moves on evenly: each part relative to each other and one part not finished while another is hardly started.

In this lesson we return to the head and neck and piercing under the bill.


| 03 December 2013 13:44

Ann - It's not so much 'forming the space' as 'form INTO space'. In other words, work the form and you'll find the space will take care of itself! You cannot carve space, just make it bigger. If you focus on the space, holes will get out of hand...

| 01 December 2013 10:25

Well, my eye and my "feel" did what needed to be done and I'm through fairly successfully where I needed to be on both sides. In another thought, when working both forming a space and thinning (rabbit ears: something between a Pelican's beak and butterfly wings?!), would you agree it is fair to say that one has to do most of the "spacing" first and then thinning, and then obviously refining both under and above carefully?

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