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11 Detailing part 2

There are a number of ways of carving feathers and this is one of the simplest, with the entire work done with a couple of V tools.

It's almost like sketching...


| 28 June 2013 12:54

The lady is right Chris. Your modesty is all the more becoming because we all know it is not 'False Modesty'

| 30 March 2013 09:21

Chris - but of course you can carve anything! :) thanks!

| 29 March 2013 20:53

Ann - I love your assumption that I know how to carve ANYTHING! The truth is I've never carved a stuffed animal of any sort. However, if I had to, I think I'd try and get a really good Teddy Bear form then use rifflers and rasps to create the sort of smooth but light fur texture that I applied to the bat. (Roosting Bat #9). Wipe with fine sandpaper to get a tactile surface; riffling can be quite harsh to touch.

| 29 March 2013 10:47

Chris - I know you're planning soon a lesson on diversifying your surfaces. Could you consider a "stuffed-animal effect", similiar to your feathers lesson: I hope to carve a bear, but a Teddy Bear, not a realistic animal! Thanks

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