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3 Bosting part 2

Moving round to the back and tail of our Pelican, we continue bosting in: getting the overall form and flow of the various elements in the piece.


| 29 September 2013 07:17

Sean - I've just looked at the lesson again and seem to do both! Sometimes I'm resting on the work - often with my forearm - and sometimes not - though mostly not. I'm sure it varies with the particular work I'm doing and must depend on the shape of what I'm carving, the awkwardness of resting on the wood (as you say), or - and this is probably the most important - how much control I need. For example, in lettering I always have my chisel hand on the wood surface when using the mallet; here I seem quite happy not to and have all the control I need. I guess there are no rules! Whatever works, eh...

| 25 September 2013 15:31


When holding your gouges with a mallet I notice that your hand is often half way up them. Why do you not want your palm resting on the carving (might prove to be akward?) or holding it much closer for more control while using the mallet?

Your videos are an inspiration and it has been my privilege to learn from them, thank you for this website and the opportunity!

Thank you,

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