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6 Details & Finishing

The last parts of the carving are the small details such as separating the toes on the paws and putting in the eyes. When the carving is complete, a coat of beeswax seals and adds a little polish.


| 08 June 2015 07:29

Jeremy - Good for you! I want to offer 2 thoughts: First, I really think just 'having a go' at any of the projects on this site will reap great benefits in terms of developing your carving skills. And second, if it doesn't work out, have another go. Often someone will try to carve something, feel unsuccessful and then ditch it. But this is a little like expecting to play a tune well on your violin the first time you try. That may be how it works for a virtusos but for the rest of us we need to do something many times before we get it right. A second attempt will have all the experience and knowledge of the first and be so much better, and quicker... Thanks for the kind comments. All the best with your carving!

| 06 June 2015 09:36

I will look forward too haveing a go at the mouse,I just want to thank you for your very clear teaching and enfusiasum.

| 13 April 2015 11:00

Robert - You'll have to get the beeswax off for the ink to soak into the wood. A little mineral spirit twisted into the eye with a cotton bud (ouch!) should do the trick. Then ink, then re-wax the whole mouse. And let's see it in the gallery!

| 26 March 2015 01:03

that's a wonderful little mouse carving. I did a carving in which I applied the beeswax. It turned out great but now I would like to black the eyes like you did on the mouse. How do I take the wax off of the eyes or should I just use a felt pen right on the beeswax?

| 22 March 2015 18:15

Pete - Then I'm looking forward to seeing a few portraits in the gallery!

| 21 March 2015 16:05

Nice one Chris. Brilliant interpretation. Nice wedge of Cheddar to sit him on as well.
Must have been quite a pleasant challenge after the monster Green Man project.
Living, as I do, in a 16th. Century French Farmhouse with a pretty derelict set of barns and stables adjoining I have plenty of the little characters upon which to base my model.

| 20 March 2015 23:34

Lovely project thanks

| 20 March 2015 15:32

Beautiful, as always. Thank you.

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