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3 Bosting part 2

Let's call this lesson a 'second pass' - and our mouse is beginning to look like a mouse. Sometimes I think a large part of  bosting is 'sneaking up'!

Notice how the backbone is a vital reference point. This is true of any vertebrate you carve.



| 12 September 2015 17:40

Ann - With all animals the real key is having a sense of the spine, the backbone and then how this articulates with the shoulders and hips. That's why I stared down the back. And, as you noticed, everything is relative to everything else! And bosting, which is what we are doing here, is all about finding the big relationships. So: get a sense of the spine, head down to where the tail joins first. Then from this reference point start working around the mouse but not concentrating on one thing, keep it all 'moving', softly softly. Did you make a model? You'll find that very useful.

| 08 September 2015 07:43

Chris, first of all what great lessons! My problem with the mouse at this point and often with other projects is the proportions: until I get the head and ears right, which at this stage is still too big, how do I get the neck in the right place and proportional to a thinner finished creature?

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