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5 Refining part 2

We are really at mouse level now, defining the paws and feet, and completing the tail.

One of the trickiest parts of the carving is keeping the door wedge looking true: square and real, like a separate object on which the little mouse sits. I trust my eye for this but you may like to use a square template to keep accurate.


| 08 June 2015 06:59

Richard - It's very satisfying to convert a tool you don't use into one that you will use a lot. As long as the chisel is a carving one, in other words completely symmetrical view side on - bench chisels are offset - then you can skew the edge.There's a video under Sharpening > Modifying Skew Chisels that you'll find helpful for the shape. Also, with such a lot of preliminary grinding it's easy to overheat the blade - the point is particularly vulnerable to turning blue. So, take it easy; lots of dipping in cold water.

| 02 June 2015 15:03

Hi Chris,
I was watching this and thinking about the skew chisel you were using which seemed to have a much "longer" skew than than standard ones (which are normally about 45 degrees?) I have a quarter inch wood carving chisel (good quality I think) for which I have no need. What do you think my chances are of turning this into a similar skew?

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