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4 Finishing

Most of my carved work is left 'natural': waxed, usually, sometime oiled; only occasionally coloured.

In this project, it's the colour that really brings home the illusion. Not to colour these baguettes would be rather like carving a magpie then leaving the bird in the wood - you'd never mistake it for a real bird; you need that black and white livery. When you look deeply at everyday objects, you'll find them amazingly complicated. I'll certainly never look at a baguette in the same way again! As carvers, as imitators-with-limitations, we need to simplify, not just the form or textured surface, but the colour too.

What are the effects that really tell the story? How can we reproduce them?


| 11 February 2014 00:39

I never thought I'd be impressed with someone carving...... bread!
I am never too old to change my mind, heh?
Great job, with the last bit a perfect touch!!

| 02 February 2014 11:20

Mark - I waxed all the 'dough' part but I did add a little colour to one side and that might be a bit misleading.

| 01 February 2014 15:31

Chris, correct me if I missed something, but did I observe that you left about one third of the exposed 'dough' portion untreated at all? The part that you did not apply the beeswax.

Thanks. Mark

| 08 January 2014 07:40

Marceil - There shouldn't be any difference except that the harder wood is literally harder work - do the experimenting carefully before working on the the final pieces of course. I was asked for 6 baguettes but started off with 7 blanks, in case one went wrong. As all went well, I was able to give the client a "baker's half-dozen"! Best of luck - sent Carrie a picture for the bulletin when you've finished?

| 08 January 2014 02:20

Wow, this is so timely for me. I'm currently working on a series of sculptures that include carving a baguette. I have never seen one carved before so I was doing the kind of research you did, not realizing until I watched your videos that I didn't need to reinvent the wheel because you had already done it. Thanks for such a thorough illustration of the process. One difference with what I'm doing is that I'm using myrtle wood which is much harder than the wood you used. Would you use the same tools and method for carving hardwood?

| 04 January 2014 04:49

Wonderful presentation! I enjoyed it immensely. The video makes me look around at items in my own home that I might copy.

| 24 December 2013 08:31

Hi Chris
Congratulations, the last 5 seconds are the "best"!
Merry christmas!

| 20 December 2013 19:23

Well, that is very impressive. I'm french and you really nailed it, if I can say. The illusion is dazzling.

Oh, and I loved the last scene on this video, it was really funny!

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