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1 Introduction

Something completely different was a commission to carve half a dozen, trompe l'oeil baguettes - for the same French restaurant where the snail crawls.

Carving these wooden baguettes was an interesting challenge, and a lot of fun! I hope you find the whole process as interesting as I did. Let me add that Carrie was hugely involved in the project; it's not often I get to share my work and Carrie's input certainly added to the number of ideas we had, not to mention adding to the fun...

In this video, I begin at the beginning with some tasty research and go on to try out a lot of practise patterns as part of what I can only describe as baguette 'prototypes'.


| 23 December 2013 15:02

Lovely set of videos - watched all 4 in one go and I was beginning to smell fresh bread!

Demonstrating how you make commissioned pieces somehow makes it more than a
"project"; something worth doing/following through to the end. This set again
reinforces the need to study the subject one is emulating in wood - at the end
of the day it is wood and will never be bread. That said, I watched the videos thinking of a baker
slashing the dough and the cuts dropping open and sometimes the dough dragging
on the knife and giving small almost burnt bits. You've managed to capture that looseness in the baguettes. Oh, so much to learn!

| 19 December 2013 11:50

Chris, I love it! The "loose" approach is great and I sneaked a quick preview of the 4 videos just for fun the first time around... Then I'll study them a lot more.

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