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3 Carving the Details

It's here the fun begins!

What I want you to see in this workshop is how I'm trying to think and carve, so-to-speak, like a painter. This is still 'traditional' carving, using traditional carving tools, but freewheeling a bit. Don't be too uniform in you patterning and hunt out as many texturing tools as you can. And do experiment and practise on spare wood before committing to the baguette proper.

The Vice: You'll see me using a 'patternmaker's vice' in this workshop. It mounts on the top of the bench, swivels, and allows me to work at a greater height. When I started carving, I had a set of wooden, woodcarvers 'chops' that fulfilled a similar function; this metal one now substitutes. You don't need this vice; you just need to find a way of working on the baguette at a comfortable height. If you want one, however, do a web search for 'patternmaker's vice' (images?) and you'll see this one all over the place, for example: Dictum Tools, Germany; Axminster Tools, UK; Woodcraft, USA

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