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2 Finding the Form

By 'form', I mean the underlying shape of the baguette on which our crusty details will be carved.

It's important at all stages in making these baguettes that you 'keep loose': don't be too uniform; try and ring the changes. After all, we are talking 'baked goods'!

I use the spokeshave here for my final surface. If you are unfamiliar with this tool, have a look at the spokeshave workshop here. Make sure it's really sharp and work with the grain where you can.


| 21 December 2013 10:21

Thanks Chris for an interesting and engaging project. I don't know if this is mentioned elsewhere on your videos, but I find a profile gauge (the kind with lots of thin plastic/steel needles used by floorlayers to work around architraves etc.) useful to transfer shapes from real objects to my work, either directly or as an aid to making templates.

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