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3 Cartouche part 1

A 'cartouche' is a sort of faux-parchment effect, often with an oval centre. You can learn more and see a big cartouche here.

This cartouche forms the centre of the looping part of the design and we can the dome in the middle as a low relief. There's also some deltas or inverted pyramids to deal with.

The repetition and accuracy of the carving work is what makes this project a great skill builder.


| 04 March 2016 15:14

Noooo!! certainly not Ann

| 18 January 2016 13:30

Great lesson as always! And proves an important element of your work and lessons: even when one doesn't expect to want to do exactly a certain project, the techniques in every project help for other things that I might choose to carve. Some great close-ups of "chip" carving! Thanks! ps - am I the only one who helps you blow away the chips as I watch?!

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