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2 Loops

This quite a long video. Members have asked for watching me 'just carving' so we've tried to oblige throughout this project.

Here we carve the shallow 'flutes' that make up the ribbon-like, looping part of the repeat design. It's a great exercise in using both hands and working with the wood. Also you'll find one of my Golden Rules for tackling the grain!

Subscriber download: Edwardian Frame Working Drawings


| 25 April 2020 11:14

Irene - I started glueing the drawing on the wood when we started this website; I thought - and I hope you agree - that it's easier for the viewer to see what's happening and, most importantly, what original wood there is left. Normally, however, I would be drawing on the wood.
With a printer, it's easy to repeat accurate drawings and for some work, as with this example, glueing on the drawing is quick and accurate.
The downside is that the paper sometimes fuzzes up the edge so I do need to check the carving over once the paper is removed. This is particularly true of lettering.

| 24 April 2020 07:26

Hi Chris,
What is the advantage of glueing the paper to your piece of wood instead of drawing it on?
Best regards

| 14 December 2016 14:05

Ok thanks Chris. Maybe i will try thiner paper. I had left the photo spray mount for 24 hours before carving. I have done another test on the same paper which has been drying for 48 hours now but it's the same result. I will try buying a new can of the spray mount and see it that helps.

| 13 December 2016 17:52

Steve - I use ordinary printer/copier paper, very much what I guess you are using, and have never had the problem. I think it must be the glue you are using. The paper is quite thin so if it's pulling up, it mustn't be held down firmly enough, or the glue isn't dry.

Hate to ask, but have you checked, the sharpness of your tools? A dull tool will definitely tear the paper, rather than cut it.

| 13 December 2016 15:30

Hi Chris. I am having a go at this Edwardian frame. I have created all the designs in Illustrator and printed them out. I stuck them down with what looks like the same photo mount you use. The problem i am having is when cutting the borders in with the V tool it pushes the paper in front of the chisel and rips the paper away. I have tried using more spray mount and just a little but both seem to do the same thing. My next guess is the printer paper i am using which is A4 copier paper which says it's good for inkjet printers. I wondered if you had come across this problem and what paper you use? Thanks

| 23 January 2016 14:37

Tobias - I use the same 60 deg. V tool throughout the project: 3/8in. 10mm. However, a narrower one: 1/4in. 6mm might have made life easier on the the tight corners of the loop.

| 22 January 2016 10:06

What size V tool did you use please?

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