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1 Introduction

This is a truly wonderful frame: a dynamic a tour de force. I saw the frame at a friend's house and instantly fell in love with it. The designer is an anonymous Edwardian carver. Wish I could thank him!

The mirror (or picture) frame looks very complicated but in fact it's lots of small cuts added together, like a carved moulding. If you can do one small section, you can do it all. You just have to keep going! Thus this is a great project to build technical skill.

In this introductory lesson, I look at the frame itself, the way of holding it and laying out the pattern

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| 24 May 2020 20:49

Dear Chris,
thanks a lot for this project. it is fun, lovely and you have to practice every detail separately . So you really learn a lot about the tool and how to work with the direction of the wood.
I hope you will show us how to carve other ornaments in future.

sincerely Irene

| 18 April 2016 07:52

John - I do the same as Penny. (I love my scanner/copier!) If you don't have a copier, freehand one complete 'unit' of the design to the right size, then tape it to a window or glass that you can shine a strong light through. Take a strip of paper with 2 lines representing the run of your moulding and overlay it onto the unit and very carefully trace a repeating pattern. A good way to work is from the centre of any side towards the corners. The design at the corner is where you can compensate - making adjustments to the corner design.
When you change the size of my design you will, of course, change the size or sweep of the tools I used; so you might like to practise carving the single unit: making sure you have the right tools and adjusting the pattern accordingly before committing to the actual frame.

Best of luck with this carving. Looking forward to seeing it in the gallery!

| 16 April 2016 22:53

I adjust the size on my copy machine.

| 16 April 2016 18:51

I can't seem to find how to adjust the pattern to fit the frame size that I have --- blind in one eye and can't see out of the other??

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