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2 Lowering

I could, of course, use a router to lower the background but what if you were carving your three hares on the outside of a bowl? You need to be able to do this 'grounding out' (as carvers call it) and get a tidy level background where you want it, both around and within your subject.

At the end of this stage, it looks a mess. But it's a good mess. And you should, even now, have a sense of the background passing through and around the subjects as a single plane.

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| 19 April 2019 03:09

Thanks, Chris. I tried your suggestions and a few other things, but no success. However, I find that they work fine on the iPad. Cheers.

| 18 April 2019 08:14

Gordon - I've had a good look and all the videos appear to be working fine, opening and playing properly.
An issue like this has almost always been solved by refreshing and clearing the cache on your browser but, as you seem be having the issue on different browsers, I'd suggest the best thing to try is rebooting your computer.
If the problem persists, write to us through the contact form; we can always get help from our web team.

Anyone else found a problem here?

| 18 April 2019 00:14

Three Hares: the first video is fine, but I cannot open any of the others, despite trying on three browsers. Any advice?

| 23 March 2019 13:04

Larry Day - All you need to do if the reverse image is confusing you is to print out the image as is, then place it over a window or a light box (with the print out facing down/image reversed) and trace the lines to result in a mirror image of the print out. Also some printers have the option of "mirroring" or flipping the image to be printed or copied - you may want to check for that as well. best wishes

| 22 March 2019 18:59

One thing that makes it slightly confusing to us members trying to follow along with our own carvings is that the working drawing provided is the mirror image of the carving you create on the videos, and of the photo of the completed carving.

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