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9 Detaching & Finishing

Carrie has filmed me at some length removing the squirrel from the backing board. It's a bigger than usual workpiece for paper-sandwich and takes a little while and care to remove safely. For pierced carvings. however, the paper-sandwich is a very secure way of holding the wood. You'll find another video about the paper-sandwich method of holding here.


| 28 January 2016 08:30

Penny - It's a great tool: homemade by someone years ago for flipping burgers or something. On Woodcarving Workshops I try not to use anything not readily available but this is an exception. It's so good for the purpose. I hope viewers can find something similar, perhaps for stripping paint, applying filler, that sort of thing. I long narrow chef's knife might do (perhaps not to sharp!). The thing I like about this one of course is the long reach. If I only had a shorter one, I'd cut the backing board tighter to the carving. After working all the way round you find that the paper splits readily beyond the spatula, so the long reach is a bit of a luxury...

| 27 January 2016 18:29

I love that large spatula. Where do you buy those? Is it an a "carving" tool? Has it been modified so you can hit it with the mallet?

| 02 November 2015 18:16

Robin - Glad you enjoyed the project! I'm not sure if what you passed on was the working drawing or just encouragement to join the site but, just as a principle for everyone who reads this: please don't pass on the downloaded drawings. I create, and we film, them exclusively for Woodcarving Workshops as a benefit for subscribing members, not really for wider and free distribution. Encourage your carving friends to join our site and download their own drawings! Enough of that - I've seen you squirrel in the gallery and think a background colour and frame is a good idea. After all, there's this pierced space looking for something to fill it, and the carving itself can seem to 'float' without a frame to anchor it. Well done!

| 22 October 2015 08:39

Hi Chris & Carrie,
Really enjoyed the project and have learned a great deal. The finish to the project is excellent and really accentuates the grain, have passed this on to woodcarvers at my class and posted the finished project in the members gallery. I felt it needed a little extra and added the bottle green background and frame. Thanks again.

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