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3 Serifs & Junctions

Turning to the serifs next, there are 3 sorts in this font: full ones, halves and deltas.We'll add as many of these as we can at this stage.

We also finish off any junctions (A, M, N, V. W) and, after this stage, we'll see many letters completed!


| 11 December 2012 15:45

ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE Camera-work... We are spoiled "thanks"...

| 17 October 2012 12:55

Sandy - It's what I talk about in some detail here: Sharpening > Heel Corners. You are right in that this is a great example of where this modification is useful: the thinner corner gets into one half of the serif recess without fouling the opposite side.

| 17 October 2012 02:31

I believe this is the first instance where I have seen you use a fishtail gouge with the shoulders taken off. I often look closely at the particular tools you are using. I even pause the video to try to get a clearer view of how the chisel/gouge is shaped/sharpened to get a better grasp on it's particular use. This seems to be a wonderful example of why one would grind the shoulders off. I will defintiely be better aware of the uses of such a tool iin the future as I do carve some smaller signs for customers. And this appears to be valuable whether or not the lettering is large or small. Thanks so much, Sandy

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