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4 Curves

Curves, in my approach, are the last to be carved and, with these, remaining letters will be completed.

Here's a great lesson: Choosing Gouges for Curves


| 23 May 2014 20:11

Jesus - Even though I helped design these tools, thay are 'sharpened' by blacksmiths, who invariable opt for the quicker option of grinding a shorter bevel. You always need to check the tools you buy and set the angles you want. Don't be afraid to alter the cutting angles. At 25 degrees each side, overall you have a 50 degrees 'wedge' of metal to push into the wood. So, you'll have a difficult time! Try 15 - 20 degrees on each side and you'll notice a huge difference.

| 23 May 2014 14:36

I recently bought the some lettering chisels, a 30 mm Alongee and a 14mm fishtail chisel. The cutting angle on these tools were at around 25 degrees straight from the factory but I am having a difficult time cutting the letters well. I noticed that the straight chisels you use in this project seem to have a slightly steeper angle. What angle would you recommend I commission these tools with? Thanks, Jesse

| 14 February 2013 17:03

Roman - I'm afraid I will always decline to answer the question about time (it's been asked elsewhere on the site). There are so many factors involved, including 35 years at the bench. Sorry. Let's just say, faster than you'd think. The layout paper was all glued on to the wood. The tape just held two pages of my drawing together as I stuck it - I didn't have big enough paper! By the way, I've since discovered a neat way of removing the paper without sanding: dab with white or mineral, spirits.

| 14 February 2013 16:16

Chris - Layout time aside, once you put gouge to wood, how long did it take to craft this sign? Not that I could be anywhere as fast, I'm simply curious how quickly a master carver can do something like this.

I also noticed that at the edges of the design, you have it taped down (and you can see the paper move as you carve, but (for example) the middle of the R appears to be held by adhesive. Any particular reason for the mix?



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