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2 Wood Glue up

Among the good uses of your model is the working out of the size of wood block you need to start with; the generating of a profile to bandsaw, and the best place to position the carver's screw.

Also, if you want your carving bigger - as I did - or smaller than the model, you can work out the change proportionally.

For those who have forgotten their maths, a proportion is simply equating 2 ratios - in this case, one that belongs to your model (Length A : Width B) and one that will belong your carving (Length C : Width D). If you don't want to do the algebra, put 'proportion calculator' into a search engine! Here's one for example.

When you make your calculations, be generous and allow extra wood. Better to have too much than too little!

Once we have our dimensions, we can glue up the wood, cut it out and figure a way of holding it...

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