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13 Details

Details and Finishing

1. Scales: These are stabbed in, but not all over. The koi hangs vertically on a wall and we want to give the impression of sunlight reflecting, perhaps rippling, across the back  of the Koi.

2. Barbels: The whisker-like feelers that Koi use as they feed on the pond floor. Make each one different and a little bent - and thus more interesting.

3. Hanging Escutcheon Plates: We need 2 points of attachment to stop the carving swinging down with gravity. and we need to fit them so the Koi lines up how we want it on the wall. I found my escutcheon plates online. The trick is to match them to a size of a Forstner bit, in this case 1inch (25mm), so you can recess them into the wood.

4. Finishing: Beeswax - there are workshops on making and applying your own beeswax here.


| 29 May 2017 16:15

Brilliant Chris!! I may come round with my rods and a tin of sweetcorn on one of these evenings

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