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9 Dorsal Fin 1

In this lesson we'll insert the dorsal fin into the back of our carving so that it curves along the spine in what is a sort of mortise and tenon joint.

A daunting task? It may well seem so but I hope to show you that it's quite do-able and not really more challenging than carving the fish to this point.:

     a.   Take it one step at a time

     b.   And take your time

     c.   And sneak up like a poacher

Here we'll carve the dorsal fin itself.  In part 2, we'll fit it.


| 11 December 2020 15:40

Vaughn - I'm not sure I could come up with a whole video's worth of 'zany' ideas!
I'm sure this website is full of little tricks like this. The thing is to remember them when you see them, tuck them away in your mind so that they're ready to pop up in some other project.

| 08 December 2020 17:10

Enjoyed this and every other video you make, this time of watching had me thinking that your idea of using the chisel to aid sanding could be used in a technical video together with oher "off the wall" ideas whereby "zany" ideas for aids for any particular task could be assembled for those of us with less imagination could be helped.

Vaughan Jenkins

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